Frequently Asked Questions

May I post one of your cartoons on my WEBSITE?
If your site is a professional revenue generating website you may post a single cartoon for a one time useage fee. Please email to arrange payment.

May I post one of your cartoons on my BLOG?
If you really like a particular cartoon, you may copy it from my website and post it to your personal blog, provided you include a link back to this site.

May I post your cartoons on my website or blog on a REGULAR basis?
This would be considered syndication. Please email to enquire about regular syndication.

Why is the strip called NO BONKING?
Bonking is the term used by runners (and cyclists) to describe the stage of a race where your muscles are depleted of all their energy, otherwise known as "hitting the wall". There are other meanings for bonking but you'll have to look elsewhere for those definitions.

Is NO BONKING intended for runners ONLY?
NO BONKING focuses on the truly wonderful and not so wonderful subtleties unique to running. Runners of all levels will identify with these but some details may be lost on non-runners. Then again, non-runners may be inspired by the world of running NO BONKING reveals so I hope non-runners read the strips also.